“D’NIR O FAR is one of the best music stores I stepped into. They have the most amazing music collection. I went there to buy some classic long-playing disc that my dad wants for his birthday.  

I was hesitant at first because the store looks so new and modern with its sleek and classic black and white theme. I thought such modern establishment won’t get me something old as that record. But imagine my surprise when Pietro handed it to me without further preamble. I also got it for a very reasonable amount. The wait is very comfortable due to the couches they have scattered there. The playing music was also soothing and very relaxing to the feeling.” – Mary Anne NYC, NY 

“D’NIR O FAR was the best place to be when you are looking for good music. They have the best collection there is and the most helpful staff. What more is that they also allow you to sample all those music you want to buy before the actual purchase.” – Marc Dy San Francisco, CA 

“My girlfriend wants this limited edition cd. I’ve searched far and wide, possible almost all the music store just to get it but to no avail. My friend recommended this store and I tried. They didn’t have it during the time so they asked me to call again the next day to check if they could get it for me. Truth to be told, I was already losing my spirit regarding this album. I was about to tell my girl that this album was not available when suddenly I received a call from one of their customer representatives to say that they managed to find me a copy. Only 2 hours after! Very efficient service and I cannot be happier. 

Until now my girl still cannot stop bragging about her loot whenever she has the chance.” Mitch M Alberta, Canada 

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